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THE RICH featuring Richard Del Connor, The Hippy Coyote

San Diego 16-track recording session
pre-Los Angeles Coyote "Dicky Dare"

The Rich in Venice 1979
Bass & Lead Vocals: RIchard Del Connor
Drums & Backing Vocals: Bill Stewart
Guitar: Vince Lauria


THE RICH - live performance rock band 1974-1991

Each album listed below has its own webpage!

Bonita - Lotus 1974
Village Recorder Sessions - The Rich 1979
Live in Venice - The Rich 1979 - 80
Temptation - Richard O'Connor 1984
Live at Music Machine - The Rich 1984 - 85
Live at The Batcave - Injun 1986 -87
Coyote In A Graveyard
soundtrack album
- The Rich 1989
Live at Madame Wong's - The Rich 1989
Purgatory - The Rich and Coyote Graveyard bands 1989 - 91

Streethearts and CoyoteIn 1974, Richard Del Connor was performing as a blues-rock guitarist in San Diego. When he became a recording engineer, he developed talents on other instruments to record his song demos and to be hired as a session player for radio commercials, publisher demos, mariachi records, country and folk music albums being recorded at Bonita Studios where he worked.

His own bands were originally billed as "LOTUS," but were changed to "THE RICH," in 1978 as a brand of their quality and because the band featured the music of Rich, Richard Del Connor, also known as, "Dicky Dare."

The rock operas, UNDERGROUND, IN VIOLENCE, and THE PAUPER, were billed as, THE RICH or advertised without a band name.

Coyote's first album, TEMPTATION, released 1984 by Shaolin Records, lists the artist on the cover as, "RICHARD O'CONNOR," but on the back cover lists the band as, "THE RICH."

As many of these studio recordings from 1975 to 1986 are transferred from their analog tape masters to digital, we will offer them here. One of the LIVE SHOW cassette recordings is used on the beginning of the song, "In Line," on the American Zen album, LEVEL 3 = I WANT YOU TO LOVE ME. Richard mixed the live show and the new studio recording together to promote that excitement of nightclub concert crowd.

For booking information (I wish!)
Email: Richard Del Connor  


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