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Album cover END OF THE LINE by American ZenBAND:   American Zen
ALBUM: End of the Line

American Zen was founded in 1992 when Coyote moved to Salt Lake City, Utah. Prior bands included The Rich and Coyote in a Graveyard rock opera. Coyote is also Buddha Zhen who records Tai Chi and Kung Fu music. Shaolin Records is releasing the acoustic solo recordings of The Coyote under the new band name, THC The Hippy Coyote. Since 2011 Coyote's been billed as "Kung Fu Cowboy," not American Zen.



BOOKS of American Zen album: End of the Line

When Coyote moved to Utah in November 1991, he was publishing his most recent poetry book, Love, Always & Forever! Michelle McCarty had been the Shaolin Records intern who handled most of the printing in North Hollywood, 1990 and 1991. The first book published in Utah and printed, mostly by Michelle, was Autumn Flavours. Some of these poetry books were bound in dark blue leather hardcovers and sold at Zen Seminars of Shaolin Chi Mantis several years later.

Book Cover
Book Title - Subtitle
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4 Decades of Love
- -
The Many Loves of Me
Richard Del Connor
The Hippy Coyote

4 Decades of Love is a songbook of lyrics with guitar chords.

4 decades of Coyote love life are summarized with a song for each lover.

Originally created for a Freemason fundraiser, this set list became a handwritten lyric book that became this guitar songbook.

EPK: 4 Decades of Love - BOOK
EPK: 4 Decades of Love - ONE-SHEET
EPK: 4 Decades of Love - POEM LIST



book cover MASONIC KUNG FU novel by Richard Del Connor
Masonic Kung Fu - book 1
Original book cover
ebook released 2012


book cover MASONIC KUNG FU by Buddha Zhen
Masonic Kung Fu - book 1
"Entered Apprentice"
papberback book cover
released 2015

Masonic Kung Fu

Book 1

Richard Del Connor

While Richard practiced his Shaolin Kung Fu and studied for his Freemason 3rd Degree Proficiency Test... he discovered that one of his Kung Fu Forms contains all the secret dugards, signs, and symbols of modern Masonry.

Then Richard discovered a section of the form that is a reenactment of the murder of Hiram Abif.

Richard's study into the history of this Kung Fu uncovered information about China before and after WWII. So Richard wrote this novel about teenagers learning British Freemasonry as they are pursued by Japanese soldiers.

EPK: Masonic Kung Fu 1-BOOK
EPK: Masonic Kung Fu 1-ONE-SHEET




Supersoul 13

Discovering the Soul of God

Buddha Z
Buddha Zhen
Shen-Lang Zhen

Richard Del Connor
The Hippy Coyote

After working several days for the Kenney Chesney concert at Anaheim Stadium in 2013, our Zen dog is taken to a Hare Krishna Temple for dinner.

Coyote didn't join the religion but he loved their book, Bhadavad Gita. This Vedic scripture inspired him so much he read it again and took notes.

On the third and fourth passes through the book Coyote began to summarize and quote from the book as he wrote his daily journals. Eventually, his journals and spiritual study merged into one activity: Supersoul 13.

EPK: Supersoul 13-BOOK
EPK: Supersoul 13-ONE-SHEET
EPK: Supersoul 13-POEM LIST





Bonus items included in purchase ONLY from Shaolin Records:

Supersoul 13 book by Buddha Z  (Coyote's Shaolin Kung Fu name)
4 Decades of Love songbook by THC The Hippy Coyote

"Peace Of Mind #2" song from LEVEL 1 = Peace of Mind album by American Zen
"Christ Killer" song from LEVEL 2 = Christ Killer album by American Zen
"I Want You To Love Me" song from LEVEL 3 = I Want You To Love Me album by American Zen
"Kill The Spider" song from LEVEL 4 = Kung Fu Cowboy PART 1: King Somon's Temple

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Check out the MEDIA KIT  Check out the 2014 American Zen MEDIA KIT about the End of the Line album



About Shaolin Records:
Shaolin Records was launched in 1984, releasing vinyl records and cassette tapes of Kung Fu music from Santa Monica, California. With its' origins in Shaolin Kung Fu and Zen Buddhism, Shaolin Records strives to 'enlighten and entertain™.'

Media Contact:
Richard Del Connor
Producer, Shaolin Records


About American Zen:
American Zen is led by The Hippy Coyote who fronts the band on Yamaha flute and Fender 1984 Floyd Rose Stratocaster electric guitar with a tobacco finish. From 1992 until 2009, Coyote fronted the American Zen band playing an Alvarez 12-string acoustic guitar and his1975 nickel Selmer-Bundy flute. Coyote is a renaissance man who writes all the music, lyrics, and poetry. The End of the Line album was recorded in Coyote's truck, "Tacoma Studios," during February 2014 and was released on July 4, 2014 by Shaolin Records.

Media Contact:
The Hippy Coyote "Kung Fu Cowboy"
Bandleader, American Zen