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Author:   Richard Del Connor
BOOK:   Masonic Kung Fu -- Entered Apprentice

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EPK: Masonic Kung Fu 1 - BOOK

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book cover MASONIC KUNG FU novel by Richard Del Connor

Masonic Kung Fu

Book 1

Richard Del Connor

While Richard practiced his Shaolin Kung Fu and studied for his Freemason 3rd Degree Proficiency Test... he discovered that one of his Kung Fu Forms contains all the secret dugards, signs, and symbols of modern Masonry.

Then Richard discovered a section of the form that is a reenactment of the murder of Hiram Abif.

Richard's study into the history of this Kung Fu uncovered information about China before and after WWII. So Richard wrote this novel about teenagers learning British Freemasonry as they are pursued by Japanese soldiers.

EPK: Masonic Kung Fu 1-BOOK
EPK: Masonic Kung Fu 1-ONE-SHEET




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End of the Line

American Zen

Richard Del Connor, The Hippy Coyote

Richard Del Connor

Don DelaVega

Shaolin Records Studios: "Tacoma Studios"
Recorder: Zoom NH-4n
Recorded at: 16bit 44.1KHz

Album Composed: April 2012 to September 2013
Pandora Guitar Tracks: January 2014
Vocal Tracks: January 2014
Bass: January 2013
Marshall Guitar: February 2013

Mixing was not completed and album mastering was minimal using Apple Logic.

The Hippy Coyote: vocals, flute, electric guitar
Rory G: electric guitar
Tom Calder: bass
Steve Hixon: drum sticks

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1. Use Me ushm

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LEVEL 2 entrance to section of website for LEVEL 2 = Christ Killer
music album by American Zen

LEVEL 3 entrance to section of website for LEVEL 3 = I Want You To Love Me
music album by American Zen

LEVEL 4 entrance to section of website for LEVEL 4 = Kung Fu Cowboy
includes poetry and original website for Kung Fu Cowboy LEVEL


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Kung Fu Cowboy "Scorpion Resurrection" (Live)
YouTube: AmericanZenBand channel
Performed 9/29/2014 at Kulak's Woodshed, North Hollywood, California

Kung Fu Cowboy "Use Me" (Live)
YouTube: AmericanZenBand channel
Performed 9/1/2014 at Kulak's Woodshed, North Hollywood, California

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Kung Fu Co


About Richard Del Connor:
Richard Del Connor began publishing his poetry and short stories in the school papers, then won some contests, then went on television at age 10, debating against teachers. After returning to California from his 2-year exile in St. John's, Newfoundland--Richard's first poetry book, Autumn Flavours, was completed about 1978 and became the first of a four book poetry series, Season of Fours. Richard completed his first novel in 1984, Sid's Place, based upon his criminal lifestyle that led to his Canadian exile in 1970. During 2010 Richard started writing epic poems after publishing another four poetry books and authoring 10 martial arts manuals.

Media Contact:
Richard Del Connor
Publisher, Shaolin Communications



About Shaolin Communications:
Shaolin Communications was founded in 1984 as the book publisher for Richard Del Connor and his pen names. shaolinCOM.com is the shopping cart website of Shaolin Communications with a section for all the other associated enterprises of Richard Del Connor:
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