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This is the highest level.  Go start at the bottom.

Level 8 is an existence beyond mortal existence. If there is an afterlife, you'll find Coyote performing concerts for God on flute and guitar and pipa and drums while singing from his soul.

As Socrates said, philosophy is preparing for death. American Zen's philosophies are founded in Chinese Chan (Zen) Buddhism. Add some Daoism and Confucianism to create Buddha Zhen Shen-Lang, Coyote's Chinese name. This translates as "Spirit Wolf of Truth." (They don't have Coyote's in China... yet.)

Not all souls reach LEVEL 8. That is why people of the 21st Century cling to movies of vampires and zombies. These movies represent the American desire to clutch at life, no matter how unnatural and despite whose blood they have to suck to remain in this dimension.

Read the SUPERSOUL book series by Buddha Z for a better understanding of the afterlife and how to prepare for it.










You are definitely not here.  Go lower.

That last phase of life when you've learned what you were born to know, lived what you were meant to do, and done what God would be proud of.

LEVEL 7, like all the spiritual LEVELS must be learned. This might be compared to getting a "doctorate degree" after you've actually graduated from college. The sacrifices of being this "ultimate philosopher" may find you in the position of Socrates, feared and disliked for your truth.

Truth is the simplification of wisdom into an understanding of how the cosmos began, is, and will be. As each of us hops aboard Earth to ride it around the sun, we are distracted and consumed by the desires and difficulties of mortal life. Just as a cat may never learn to cook, despite being in the kitchen every day, a human may not learn to understand the truth of existence... despite being in it every day.





You must be dreaming.  Lower still.

But dreaming is required to get to this LEVEL. Not sleep dreaming, but spiritually motivated intellectual philosophical creative artistic compassionate dreaming. You should try it. Obviously, not many people are dreaming at this LEVEL... or there would be less suffering, less violence, less wars, and less Republicans.

As a servant of all people a "Citizen of the world," as Socrates said, you will find solutions simple for world peace as you realize how childish and immature 98% of all humans are.

This LEVEL is very lonely though. You'll be making enemies, every time you make peace.





Unless you're the best of the best of the best priests...  Down boy! (or girl)

Devotion to your family is the first step towards maturity. But you still need to do a good job of it. Lots of parents are devoted to their families as they slap them around and curse at each other. (They're at the bottom of LEVEL 1 or LEVEL 2).

If you can master devotion, which is to devote your energies to accomplishing something for someone else--you'll be ready to learn how to devote yourself to your community.

When you master local politics and learn how to help people's best interests without helping the bad or selfish interests of yourself and others... you'll be ready for legislative politics. Unfortunately, those who enter politics from LEVEL 5 are people like Ghandi, and no matter how righteous and right he was--he created fear and anger in politicians rooted in LEVEL 1 and LEVEL 2.



 LEVEL 4 = Kung Fu Cowboy

Kung Fu cowboy BOOK COVERCoyote has graduated the CHRIST KILLERS of LEVEL 2 by realizing love requires no religion.
        (Coyote's devotion for his children was nondenominational. The only legal marriage of Coyote was in 1986 to Raquel King. Hmm. The Coyote King. King Coyote. Richard Del King.)

Note 2012: Coyote was stung in the neck by a scorpion... Coyote THE SCORPION KING.

Coyote then graduated the passions of LEVEL 3 by realizing life is more than sex and family.
        (He decided to start over in Los Angeles, where he'd graduated UCLA and worked in the movie business and record business from 1978 to 1991.)

(2001, Coyote is bit by a BLACK WIDOW SPIDER after moving to Tujunga, California. Unable to walk for weeks, Coyote recuperates over the next few years, but has gained 55 pounds. Using his Kung Fu and new SHAOLIN KIDS programs, designed for his son, Coyote loses all his excess baggage and emerges in the best physical and mental state ever.)

Get the book, KUNG FU COWBOY ORIGINAL DRAFT for the entire view of LEVEL 4.




 LEVEL 3  = I Want You To Love Me     (Recorded in Tujunga, California - released 9/11/2008)

Women in love are hungryFrom 1989 to 2001, Coyote was a devoted Mr. Mom to his children, while his wife pursued other relationships. One of his Kung Fu students from Utah, felt sorry for him in 2001. Since Coyote had helped her put her life together in Utah, and she knew how lonely he was after moving back to California, she decided to reward him with a week of sex in a Utah hotel. She bought the plane tickets and stocked the hotel with food so they didn't have to leave the room for three days...
        (As of 2013, that was the last woman Coyote slept with.)

They continued to correspond by email until she got tired of the phone sex. One of those emails became the song, "1,000 Sorrows For A Love."
        (Trying to keep the relationship going after returning to California, Coyote would perform his bass while she mast________ed, which became his new sex bass style of playing...)

Check out the "BASS POETRY" of "Let's Go To Church" by Coyote that his short love affair inspired.

Science of Zen:
Elements exist for only one moment.
The next moment is a new element in a new location.
Everything is in movement with nothing fixed in the same place beyond each moment.
Therefore, nothing exists for more than a moment... like love.




 LEVEL 2 = Christ Killer      (Completed 2006 - released 2007)

Religious sharks are hungryDumped by his wife shortly after moving to Utah, Coyote cannot get a job in the movie or recording industries in Salt Lake City, due to not being a Mormon. Worse yet, he becomes known as, "That Tai Chi Buddhist..." with long black hair from California.
        (Stuck as a Mr. Mom, Coyote drags his
daughter everywhere he teaches Tai Chi and Kung Fu. In 1997, age 6, she is the Grand Champion of ages 5 to 16 in the Sport Karate Association tournaments and also in the Karate weapons divisions competitions. Coyote started her sword training at age 5.)

The Chinese Community of Utah adopts Coyote and his Kung Fu school, Shaolin Chi Mantis, to represent the Chinese community in all annual cultural festivals, Asian Fairs, and Chinese New Years celebrations from 1993 to 1999.
          (Coyote forms his own religion, Shaolin Zen, as he is boycotted by the Mormons.)

Every element is its own identity and exists only in its own reality.  (Sounds like my parents.)



 LEVEL 1 = Peace Of Mind      (Mastered in Utah - released 2005)

Search for peaceThis is where our story starts. Coyote moves out of the United States.  
        (Coyote was exiled to Canada due to a disagreement with President Richard M. Nixon about his "War on Drugs" program in 1970. When Coyote lived in St. John's, Newfoundland his mother told his friends when they inquired about him, ("He died.").

Now he's back in the U.S. living in LEVEL 1 (survival to "Peace of Mind") but he's in the process of getting kicked out of Utah.
        ("A Long Way Home" tells the story pretty good.)

Coyote is trying to survive, but quickly realizes he made a mistake listening to his wife's advice. Coyote, working in the movie business after graduating UCLA film school in 1987 is trying to create a multimedia empire of Shaolin Records, Shaolin Music, Shaolin Pictures, and Shaolin Communications. When Coyote got an intern pregnant he decided it was time to create a FAMILY BUSINESS. This did not work out well for him. The lessons learned inspired the Confucian-based book, Human Values for Success in Family and Business written by Richard Del Connor as Buddha Zhen in 2011.
        (Coyote is Mr. Mom for the next 18 years, 1991 to 2009.)

Every element is different and possesses a different energy and potential.
(That pioneer religion, The Church of Latter Day Saints, or Mormon Church, had its' purpose to help them survive in the Old West, but now they're the 5th largest corporation on the planet! The Mormons tell business owners not to hire Coyote and knives are stuck in his front door..


Written by Richard Del Connor with comments by The Hippy Coyote  
Copyright 1989 - 2013 All rights reserved. ASCAP  
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