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LEVEL 4 Part 2 Scrapbook of American Zen    (click photos for larger views)
Kung Fu Cowboy at David Carradine opening
Kung Fu Cowboy with Patti
Kung Fu Cowboy at David Carradine Museum opening
Kung Fu Cowboy with Sue Wong

Kung Fu Cowboy at David Carradine Museum Opening

Sue Wong and TV show actor
Coyote had same Kung Fu Master


Coyote's High School Graduation Reunion

Coyote and Patti Price
Patrick Henry High would have been Coyote's school, but he was exiled from USA in 1970. Coyote actually graduated from Prince of Wales Collegiate High School in 1971.


Coyote with Sue Wong

Coyote with fashion designer Sue Wong.
Coyote with Summer beard.


Carradine - Bare Foot Legend
Museum Opening

Coyote with glass of water
Coyote doesn't drink liquor.

Coyote in Hollywood 2013
Coyote in Hollywood
Kung Fu Cowboy at The Cedars in Hollywood
Coyote at High School Graduation Reunion 2012 San Diego Patrick Henry

Coyote In Hollywood Heaven

Coyote's Yogi beard, Summer 2013
Walking to David Carradine's Museum
exhibit opening at the Hollywood
Museum in 2013.


Kung Fu Cowboy in Hollywood

The Hippy Coyote of American Zen
Coyote's black cowboy hat was purchased
at street fair in San Diego, 2012.


Coyote at "The Cedars" mansion

Mingling with the millionaires.
Guests include Kayd, who is consulting
Coyote on designing his chopper


High School Reunion

Coyote dancing?
Coyote wrote song,
"High School Graduation Reunion"
for this 40th Year event.


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