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American Zen
"America's First Buddhist Rock Band"

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LEVEL 2 Scrapbook of American Zen    (click photos for larger views)
Christ Killer Spiritual Concepts
LEVEL of Conception
Who is the AntiChrist?
Coyote raw elk hide

Warboard to Nirvana

1992 Plan for American Zen Odyssey
LEVEL 2 section of americanZEN.org
Graphics, color schemes, concepts


8 Spiritual Levels of Zen

Zen Spiritual Philosophies
8 LEVELS of American Zen
Album concept of 1992


CD Cover Folded-out

Hand Colored Photo by Coyote


Elk Hide Maple Drum

Drum handmade by Coyote
Credits of Christ Killer
Maple log + Inipi ash elk hide

California Coyote Cowboy
Pen and Ink by Coyote
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Photo by Don Bertolucci

President Richard D. Connor

Photo by 1986 ex-wife
Founder of Shaolin Records


Coyote Graveyard

Artwork by Coyote 1976 ?
Utah Phase 1 Poetry Book
Artwork for Autumn Flavours


LEVEL 2 CD Imprint

Christ Killer Graphics by Coyote
Album Cover Graphics for FREE
Photoshop and Quark XPress


LEVEL 2 CD Inside Cover

Bill Steward, Vinnie Lauria, TC
The band that could've been


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