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Richard Del Connor, The Hippy Coyote of American Zen

Sid's Place novel COVER by The Coyote
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Sid's Place novel about sex drugs and terrorism
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Author:   Richard Del Connor "The Hippy Coyote"
Project Format:   pdf book download
Price:   $7.99
Publisher-Editor:  Richard Del Connor
Book Publisher:   Shaolin Communications
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I wrote this Sidís Place book a long time ago. One of my motives for writing this book was to explore how things might have gone for me under different circumstances. Like Tom, I got busted in my van, but I hung around and got a lucky break when my Uncle offered to take me in, in St. John's, Newfoundland. My friend went to jail, I was exiled to Newfoundland. (That was 1970. I spent two years hitchhiking from the Canadian Pacific to Atlantic Oceans.)

Another motive for writing this book was to explore the possible error of my passivity. Somehow, I take a quiet pride in the fact I have not killed anyone, and despite opportunities and good reasons, still decided not to. In this story I pushed myself to the limit where I would take a life, purposefully. Better my imagination than reality.

As for the drug tripping, I explored that plenty in reality, or different realities. Iíve got a lot more of those stories to tell.

So enjoy a glimpse of my teenage world. Sadly, as civilization seems to be heading toward less love and more war, you can see a generation that fought this trend of violence.



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