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"Oh Michelle"

song by Richard Del Connor, The Coyote
from 1990 LIVE AT MADAME WONG'S WEST album

Coyote let's another bandmate take over.
Marshall Woodson's brother lends a foot to Coyote of Coyote Graveyard

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released in 2012:

It's Your Shadow
My Child
Oh Michelle
Pieces Of The Sky


THE PAUPER rock opera

Coyote In A Graveyard rock opera concertArtist:   The Rich "Coyote Graveyard"
Author:   Richard Del Connor / The Coyote
Project Format:   Cassette recorder at base of Coyote's microphone stand.
Price:   88 cents per 320kb mp3 song download
Record Producer:  Richard Del Connor
Record Label:   Shaolin Records
Release Date:   

THE RICH 1989-91
The Coyote: Lead Vocals, Guitar, Songs
Dann Link: Bass, backing vocals
Marshall Woodson: drums

Recorded live at Madame Wong’s West in Santa Monica, California. Billed as COYOTE GRAVEYARD, they played many songs from the Coyote In A Graveyard rock opera and some currently written songs.

Michelle McCarty is in the audience during all these 1989 and 1990 shows. That’s her loud whistle also.

“Oh Michelle” was written while having sex. Perhaps Coyote’s nastiest song? This was written before they’d decided to start their family and have a child, on purpose.


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Sample Song "Oh Michelle" 1990 (low quality cassette recording)




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