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Richard Del Connor, The Hippy Coyote of American Zen

Will the world end
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Who is the AntiChrist
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Staff of life
Coyote Graveyard late-eighties

Poetry Book by The Hippy Coyote UTAH PHASE 1
Utah Exile 1990s


The AntiChrist poetry book

Author:   Richard Del Connor, The Hippy Coyote, Buddha Zhen
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This epic poem followed his first epic poem, Rainbow In The Shade, which began to open up the conscious mind of Coyote to some hidden events from decades prior. Considering some of these events to be the roots of bad luck or strange karma, Richard explored these memories realizing he was unaware of their outcomes. Some of the stories of the epic poetry book, Rainbow In The Shade, are expanded and revealed intimately as Richard hunted his soul for the mistakes of his life and the sins he may have repressed.

During this same year, 2011, Richard wrote the religious novel, History of Zen From A to Z.  The book, History of Zen from A to Z, was supposedly dictated to him by the Archangel Saten, (Satan said to spell his name differently), contains new viewpoints and information about Christ, Heaven, and the Garden of Eden. Perhaps Saten wanted to help Richard since he had worked so hard on The AntiChrist book to see the truth of biblical history.

The AntiChrist explores many religious concepts and legends with new variations and perspectives that many traditional or orthodox Christians will find very upsetting or "sacrilegious." Unless you are open minded and tolerant of other religions... do not buy this book. Our goal in publishing this book is not to upset you. It is possible though that many of Richard's religious theories are closer to the truth than what is popularly believed.

Whether Richard has found the truth or been very creative, we hope you will be inspired to at least think and explore the truths that many people take for granted.

The books of 2011 were written in the following order:



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