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American Zen

4 decades book coverLots of Love

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I WANT YOU TO LOVE ME album cover by American Zen
The Rich mid-eighties


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Coyote Graveyard late-eighties


Poetry Book by The Hippy Coyote UTAH PHASE 1
Utah Exile 1990s



4 Decades of Love
The Many Loves of Me song and lyrics book

Author:   Richard Del Connor, The Hippy Coyote, Buddha Zhen
Book Format:   pdf book download
Price from Shaolin Records:   $6.99 (includes bonus items: "1,000 Sorrows For A Love," "Musical Woman")
Book Publisher:  Shaolin Communications
Publisher-Editor:  Richard Del Connor
Produced by:   Shaolin Records
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Lori the kittencowgirl DebDECADE #1: The 70s

During the 1970s, Coyote was known as Richard Del Connor.

He turned 21 while being the manager and recording engineer of Bonita Studios, near the Mexican Border below San Diego, California.

Moving to Los Angeles to remodel recording studios and perform night clubs with his band, THE RICH, our Coyote pup was immersed in a world of sex similar to last days of the Roman Empire. Swimming in the sex and self-indulgence, our little Buddhist boy became known as, "The Raunch."

A subculture group, "THE DEVIATES," created T-shirts and enlisted Coyote as their mascot.

Movie actresses, recording artists, female directors...

Although Coyote made money performing and recording, it was his carpentry skills that paid the bills and enabled him to date and sometimes take in runaway girls. His home was known as, "The Sanctuary." Even after Coyote's wife Michelle moved in with him in North Hollywood, in 1989, Coyote was still giving runaways a place to stay.

Carol at Village Recorder StudiosDECADE #2: The 80s

A subculture group, "THE DEVIATES," created T-shirts and enlisted Coyote as their mascot.

The 1980s began with Coyote attempting to reverse his hedonistic lifestyle into a family plan with a Jewish princess and custom made wedding ring.

DebeiCoyote lived out of his van in the early 80s and finally moved in with the poet, Jennifer, who encouraged him to complete his novel, SID'S PLACE. This engagement didn't last more than a year so they evacuated their Brentwood apartment as Coyote sought a tumultuous love affair with the German girl who inspired the rock opera, COYOTE IN A GRAVEYARD, in 1985.

Tina LouiseEven trying to settle down and start a family, our Coyote was thrust through over a dozen women and wives before being married in a church to Raquel King Hayata on December 26, 2006. Her mother was Saudi Arabian doctor and her father was a Chinese accupuncturist. This incredible concoction of genetics was too combustible and the marriage ended two years later in North Hollywood, California.

But the eighties weren't over and Coyote's fishing finally netted him a 6' Goddess who he wrote a book to: LOVE, ALWAYS & FOREVER!

Coyote's intern, Michelle, was in charge of photocopying and printing the color photos of Coyote's lovelife. The skills she learned launched her 15 year career with Xerox and she became Coyote's booking agent...

DECADE #3: The 90s

Stuck in Utah, Coyote records the album, LEVEL 1 = PEACE OF MIND. Not realizing his marriage his over, Coyote is singing of what will never be.

LEVEL 2 = CHRIST KILLER has Coyote still trying to repair a broken marriage, "Just For You." But no. Coyote sticks around to raise his kids, realizing he is sacrificing many years of love and sex...but discovers another love: parental love. Holding hands as they walk together to Kung Fu and Tai Chi classes together, Coyote and daughter, Ming, have a 24/7 friendship that includes laughing and smiling wherever they go.

DECADE #4: The 2000s

Stuck in Tujunga, California, Coyote finishes raising his kids and has a brief fling with a fellow Kung Fu Student of Tai Chi Youth. This romantic poetry and long-distance love affair that included playing bass to Lara on the phone while she...resulted in the "bass poetry" that Coyote invented by reciting poetry and performing his bass as a soundtrack to the poetry.

June 2009:
I performed this show for the first time on Mother's Day for the Panamericana Lodge 513 Mother's Day Fundraising Dinner.

I don't know when I will get to this project, but it is REALLY REALLY COOL. It was shocking for me to realize how many lovers I've had...


Coyote LIVE October 2009

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