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Gongfu Workout #1 video

Artist:   Buddha Zhen
Talent:  Buddha Zhen, Tom Calder, The Hippy Coyote
Author:   Zhen Shen-Lang, Spirit Wolf of Truth
Project Format:   VIDEO FILES downloaded
Price:   $18.88
Movie Producer:  Richard Del Connor
Film and Video Director:  Richard Del Connor
Movie Production Company:   Shaolin Pictures
Record Label:   Shaolin Records
Record Producer:  Richard Del Connor
Mixing:  Richard Del Connor
Mastering:  Richard Del Connor

Release Date:   
Distributors:  Shaolin Communications, see links below


Designed in 1992, this is the original workout created by Buddha Zhen Shen-Lang.

Although he'd been teaching Shaolin Kung Fu since 1984, it was in 1992 that Buddha Zhen, the "Spirit Wolf of Truth," was hired by the Utah Governor to teach in a maximum security prison. This led to his fame as his students excelled faster than any of the other inmates in their monthly psychological examinations.

As word spread of Buddha Zhen's amazing Kung Fu, he was hired to teach at the Turnabout Rehabiitation Center, Phoenix University, Unitarian Church, Church of Scientology, several middle schools, several elementary schools, and the Continuing Education Programs taught at Hillside High School.

Currently, in 2007, Buddha Zhen has resurrected this curriculum as the California communities have failed to subsidize his Tai Chi Youth programs.

"I'm excited to renew these curriculums," explains Buddha Zhen. "When I created Tai Chi Youth, I had to cut back on the weapons programs so I could teach in public schools, churches, and rehabilitation centers. Now that I'm teaching in the park again, I can teach my original programs that require swords and spears."

We look forward to videotaping these curriculums and offering the music that Buddha Zhen has written and chosen to accompany these workouts. "I became a Kung Fu Master by practicing, studying, and teaching Kung Fu. This required perseverance and fortitude on my part since no one was pushing me or motivating me to pursue my Kung Fu. During those early years I discovered that music helped to make my daily workouts more fun and added new dimensions to my attitudes and perspectives as I practiced my Chinese weapons. Over the next year I will recreate these workouts and design music to inspire and motivate both myself and my students for this Gongfu Workout #1."

Scheduled for release 2015
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