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"Coyote in a Graveyard" theme song

song by Richard Del Connor, The Coyote
from 1989 rock opera soundtrack album: Coyote In A Graveyard

Single cover for THEME SONG: Coyote In A Graveyard

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Coyote In A Graveyard
soundtrack album

Coyote In A Graveyard SCREENPLAY COVER
released in 2012:



THE RICH - live performance rock opera 1985-1990

Cassingle cover of IT'S YOUR SHADOW by The CoyoteArtist:   The Rich = rock opera = Coyote In A Graveyard
Author:   Richard Del Connor  (The Coyote)
Project Format:   live rock band / studio recordings
Price:   88 cents per 320kb mp3 song download
Record Producer:  Richard Del Connor
Record Label:   Shaolin Records
Release Date:   

The Rich:   1985 basic tracks, 1989 overdubs

Bruce Candelaria- drums
Scott Hitchings - keyboards
The Coyote - lead vocal, electric & acoustic guitars, Rickenbacker 4000 bass

Shaolin Records SONG DOWLOADS 88¢ each.
Song Title Song Recording Quality
0.88 each
Sample Song "Coyote In A Graveyard 1989
(theme song)
(professional quality studio recording)

From the rock opera, Coyote In A Graveyard, Coyote In A Graveyard SCREENPLAY PDF

"Coyote In A Graveyard" is the end of the music movie rock opera, and is also the "theme song." The VOCAL VERSION of "Coyote In A Graveyard," and the INSTRUMENTAL VERSION of "It's Your Shadow," received the most airplay due to to requests from listeners in 1989.


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