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Longboard Ranch

Montage by Coyote



SURFIN' OUT WEST music album

Artist:   Longboard Ranch
Author:   Longboard Ranch
Project Format:   CD mail order
Price:   $18.88 CD plus shipping $4.88
Record Producer:  ___
Record Label:   ________
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Longboard Ranch

Coyote discovered this band, Longboard Ranch, on a walk near his home in Los Angeles. He visited their rehearsals and in conversation discovered they didn't have a website, but they wanted one.

Coyote designed their first website and helped in the launching of their debut album, "Surfin' Out West." takes pride to offer these CDs for sale. This album was released in 2005, yet it sounds like it was recorded in 1966.Longboard Ranch takes great pride in their traditional sound using Fender amps, and Mosrite guitars.

These are all original songs by the band, yet they also sound like they were written in 1966.

Here are a few samples from the album: Longboard Ranch album cover

Song sample from American Zen featuring The Hippy Coyote"Scuba"

Song sample from American Zen featuring The Hippy Coyote"Badlands"

Song sample from American Zen featuring The Hippy Coyote"Todos Los Santos"


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