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American Zen

Rockin' Zen
Halloween Single
"Dizzy, My Toxic Daughter"
by American Zen

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"Dizzy, My Toxic Daughter"
Halloween single
special album prerelease premix song

Artist:   American Zen
Author:   The Hippy Coyote
Project Format:   320kb mp3 song download
Price:   $0.88 song
Record Producer:  Richard Del Connor
Record Label:   Shaolin Records
Release Date:   

"Dizzy, My Toxic Daughter," is a combination of several songs by The Hippy Coyote of American Zen.

The original song was written and recorded in 1990 or 1991 as Coyote was nearing parenthood, and was having some teenager flashbacks.

Coyote's song inspirations were high school memories of some other San Diego students who had difficulty competing or fitting in.

The poem in the middle of the song was written when Coyote's daughter was a teenager.

The heavy metal / hard rock / blues guitar solos by The Hippy Coyote show his appreciation for the guitar styles of Jimmy Page and Jimi Hendrix.

"Dizzy, My Toxic Daughter" is Led Zeppelin hard rock with a Jimi Hendrix psychedelic style and John Lennon poetry that will make you dizzy.

From the album:
Kung Fu Cowboy PART 2 album by American Zen


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