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American Zen

Coyote Radio
Original Web Blog 2005 - 2011

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LEVEL 2 podcast series
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Poetry Book by The Hippy Coyote UTAH PHASE 1




American Zen Buddhist Rock Podcast - LEVEL 1

Artist:   American Zen
Author:   The The Hippy Coyote
Project Format:   mp3 song downloads individually, or as album
Price:   $8.88 album podcast collection, 0.88 per podcast  (Yep, these were originally free at iTunes.)
Record Producer:  Richard O'Connor (aka Richard Del Connor)
Record Label:   Shaolin Records
Release Date:   

Coyote Radio .NET


These 20 podcasts were the first podcasts starring our hippie hero, The Hippy Coyote.

Check out the links at for FREE DOWNLOADS.

However, these podcasts were released as 192kb mp4 AAC files with slides shows, and all over 15 minutes in length -- so they can take a lot of time to download.

Coyote RadioSo, we have released this DVD collection of the LEVEL 1 podcasts of the AMERICAN ZEN BUDDDHIST ROCK PODCAST.

Coyote, as narrator and spoken word poet, leads these weekly journeys through the website stories "webstories" and poetry of the American Zen website at

Also included in this series are the narrated webpages of the CD website, LEVEL 1 = PEACE OF MIND.

Download the entire LEVEL 1 podcast series for $8.88

Podcast radio shows recorded in Tujunga 2006.
No longer available at iTUNES
or at the Zen Buddhist Podcast Web Blog.

Available soon...

Visit www.CoyoteRadio.NET
where these podcasts were originally hosted from
for current podcasts
or rereleases...



Official Website of American Zen

American Zen
Band Website

Each spiritual LEVEL of American Zen has a website section that includes each LEVEL's albums, books, poetry, stories, lyrics, and scrapbook photos:
     LEVEL 1 website stories entrance
     LEVEL 2 website stories entrance
     LEVEL 3 website stories entrance
     LEVEL 4 website stories entrance


Buy your CD from

Kung Fu Cowboy

Album website with song samples and...


YouTube videos of The Kung Fu Cowboy

American Zen Videos

Music videos of American Zen and The Hippy Coyote.