The Rich
Coyote was Original Punk Rocker in 1978
1979 L.A. Punk Rock

The Rich punk rock band of Shaolin RecordsIn 1978
The Rich
won the KPRI Battle of the Bands in San Diego, California.
"Cold Day in Hell" by The Rich at Dr. Sound.
"Hello Again" by The Rich recorded at Dr. Sound for KPRI.

In 1978 The Rich moved to Venice Beach, California where they lived, rehearsed, and recorded some amazing music. Check out The Rich - Live in Venice album.

In 1979 The Rich recorded at Crimson Sound, The Village Recorder, Soundlabs... and performed all over Los Angeles in nightclubs and concerts. "The Reason Why - instrumental"

Temptation album cover of Richard O'Connor and The RichIn 1980 The Rich recorded the Temptation album at Cherokee Studios in Hollywood.
Richard O'Connor and The Rich

In 1981... well, he didn't get married...

Find out more about THE RICH and their album releases on their official Shaolin Records webpage.

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