THC The Hippy Coyote

The Hippy Coyote
is the
Kung Fu Cowboy

Coyote Radio Tujunga album by THCIn 2011 Coyote moved to Las Vegas to learn Kung Fu Lion Dancing. He returned to California as a stagehand for Rhino Staging living out of his Tacoma truck in San Diego and Los Angeles.

In October, 2012, Scott Karahadian and Richard Del Connor formed the Kung Fu Cowboy Rock & Roll Movie 1, LLC to finance, produce, and release the movie, Kung Fu Cowboy Rock & Roll Movie 1 starring The Hippy Coyote.

Based upon the true life of our happy hippie, the movie was planning on exaggerating Coyote's Kung Fu abilities... then he got stung in the neck by a scorpion working a stagehand gig for Brad Paisley near the Mexican border.

The scorpion made his way into the movie and caused Coyote's hair to turn SILVER WHITE!