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American Zen
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LEVEL 3 Scrapbook of American Zen    (click photos for larger views)
Tujunga office wall in living room.
Western love
Coyote dehaired hide in inipi ash water.
Album cover by Coyote and Rick Olds.es.

Record Producer L3 Warboard

Flow chart to create LEVEL 3 album.
LEVEL 3 = I Want You To Love Me
One man record company = all tasks.


Poet Coyote

Jennifer encouraged book Sid's Place.
Sid's Place
My favorite cowgirl.


Elk Hide Drum

Made by Coyote. Hollowed log, tanned skin...


1984 Album by Coyote

Rita Wolf kissing Coyote on cover.
Vinyl record from Rainbo Records.

Follow the leader
Newspaper girl Allied Gardens
Coyote hopes she will like her song.
CD artwork from Valentine's Day card by Coyote.

Streethearts Go That Way

Coyote = lead and slide guitarist.
The Streethearts featuring J.J. Olds
Coyote's LaMesa Bedroom


Tina Playmate

Inspired poems and songs.
LEVEL 3 = I Want You To Love Me
Rory uses jazz strings for sustain



Worked together at Village Recorder 1980.
LEVEL 3 Album Website
Coyote embarrassed her at Wong's West show.


CD Imprint of L3

Get a "real" CD and you get some art.
Album printer graphics for FREE
Coyote = Graphic Artist Shaolin Records


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