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"The Pauper" - theme song

song by Richard Del Connor
from 1977 rock opera demo: THE PAUPER

Acoustic guitar of THE PAUPER sessions 1977
Coyote and his trusty Alvarez from 1974 to 2010. (Stolen in Montrose)

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The Pauper
Without You Day By Day
Together And Free
Beggars Call


THE PAUPER rock opera

Coyote during performances of rock opera THE PAUPERArtist:   The Rich (pre-American Zen)
Author:   Richard Del Connor  (pre-The Hippy Coyote)
Project Format:   live stage rock opera
Price:   (free at many keg parties in San Diego)
Publisher-Editor:  Richard Del Connor
Book Publisher:   Shaolin Communications
Release Date:   

This is when Coyote was inspired to play flute.

Waking up from a dream that seemed to be a past life, Coyote, then known as Richard Del Connor or "Dickie Dare," wrote the short story, that became the rock opera, THE PAUPER.

Coyote envisioned himself as a wandering minstrel from Ireland, in England, over 400 years ago, playing a small Spanish guitar.

Accidentally sucked into a witch's sacrifice, he is transported into another world that he takes advantage of...and pays the ultimate price.

The flute that Coyote purchased in 1976 to perform this rock opera, is the same flute he plays and records with today in 2010.

The entire rock opera was not recorded, but a dozen songs were recorded in 4-track and 16-track studios in 1976-1978.

Some of these songs will be available here, soon.

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Sample Song "The Pauper" 1977
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