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"What Do We Have Now?'

song by Richard Del Connor
from 1974 album: Bonita

Coyote with Finder Mustang in St. John's Newfoundland

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released in 2012:

Meet Me Soon
Stay Away
We Found The Love
Wishwood Bridge


Lotus - studio recording rock band 1974-1977

Coyote in Wolf Parka from NewfoundlandArtist:   Lotus (pre-The Rich and American Zen)
Author:   Richard Del Connor  (pre-The Hippy Coyote)
Genres:  Acoustic, Ballad, Folk, Folk Rock, Classic Rock
Project Format:   Tascam 1/2" 4-track tape recorder
Recording Location: Bonita Studios, Bonita, California
Price:  88 cents per song/version: "Wishwood Bridge"
Product Formats:   320kb mp3 download
Music Publisher:  Shaolin Music
Record Company:   Shaolin Records
Release Dates:   
Recorded 1974, Released 2012

Shaolin Records SONG DOWLOADS 88¢ each.
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0.88 each
Sample Song "What Do We Have Now?" 1974
(professional quality studio recording - dubbed from cassette) 320kb mp3

What Do We Have Now? was recorded by Richard Augustine on drums and Gus Beadouin on bass.

The electric guitar solo is by someone Coyote was hired to perform with as lead vocal and Hammond organ player. Yeah, Coyote would load that M-3 Hammond organ into his van and rehearse in La Jolla, California.

Apocalypse song about genocide and true love. Two lovers hide behind a white picket fence wathcing others being executed by soldiers.

The two homeless exiled loves under a bridge share a "rusted can of pork and beans" with only their love for each other...

Acoustic guitar and vocal by Richard Del Connor. Drums by Richard Augustine. Bass by Gus Beadouin. Electric guitar solo by La Jolla rich kid, _________.




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