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"We Found The Love"

song by Richard Del Connor
from 1974 album: Bonita

Coyote looking at Rita Wolf during John Livzey photoshoot.

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released in 2012:

Meet Me Soon
Stay Away
We Found The Love
Wishwood Bridge


Lotus - studio recording rock band 1974-1977

Jennifer Olds and Richard Connor

Artist:   Lotus (pre-The Rich and American Zen)
Author:   Richard Del Connor  (pre-The Hippy Coyote)
Genres:  Acoustic, Ballad, Classic Rock, Folk, Folk Rock, Pop, Rock
Project Format:   Tascam 1/2" 4-track tape recorder
Recording Location: Bonita Studios, Bonita, California
Price:  88 cents per song/version: "Wishwood Bridge"
Product Formats:   320kb mp3 download
Music Publisher:  Shaolin Music
Record Company:   Shaolin Records
Release Dates:   
Recorded 1974, Released 2012

Shaolin Records SONG DOWLOADS 88¢ each.
Song Title
Song Recording Quality
0.88 each
Sample Song "We Found The Love" 1974
(professional quality studio recording-dubbed from cassette) 320kb mp3

The rock operas, UNDERGROUND, IN VIOLENCE, and THE PAUPER, were billed as, THE RICH.

Coyote's first album, TEMPTATION, released 1984 by Shaolin Records, lists the artist on the cover as, "RICHARD O'CONNOR," but on the back cover lists the band as, "THE RICH."

This song, "We Found The Love," was requested by Helen Reddy, through a publisher friend of David Shields. They said she liked it, then I moved to Los Angeles, and never got paid... Anyone have any Helen Reddy records? I need a real publisher, or someone to work for my Shaolin Music publishing company.

I know of several record companies and a perfume company in Europe that ripped me off for music and artwork... Maybe I'm a millionaire already...

This song is one of the few songs I've ever written that wasn't personally motivated. Only a few songs since 1974 were ever "forced" out of me. I just write songs to tell the story of my life or get rid of my frustration.

I've taken songwriting classes/workshops and heard these composers talk about how they write two or three songs a day and eventually they put something together that someone likes.

I go months without writing a single song, then I'll write three in one day, when I feel like it. "Feel" is a big part of it. Ironic for me, a person who tries to live by his intellect, not his feelings.


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