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The Rich   (pre-American Zen)

Coyote crashing a partySan Diego Coyote 1978




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The Rich music albums

Bonita - Lotus 1974
Village Recorder Sessions - The Rich 1979 - 80
Live in Venice - The Rich 1979 - 80
Temptation - Richard O'Connor 1984
Live at Music Machine - The Rich 1984 - 85
Live at The Batcave - Injun 1986 -87
Coyote In A Graveyard soundtrack album - The Rich 1989
Live at Madame Wong's - The Rich 1989
Purgatory - The Rich and Coyote Graveyard bands 1989 - 91

Brentwood Coyote 1984Coyote 1978 to 1984

During the 1970s, Coyote was known as Richard Del Connor and his band name was, Lotus. In 1975, Coyote wrote his first rock opera, UNDERGROUND based upon his novel, , Sid's Place.

Some of these songs were performed live with cover songs by Aerosmith, Mountain, Cream, Hendrix, and The Beatles.

So with a few additions, Coyote's bands, that he created, led, and wrote the music for was LOTUS from 1970 to 1977. Coyote was a session bass player in many bands after moving to Los Angeles. Coyote's bands that he led and fronted were mostly advertised as, THE RICH. The rock opera, COYOTE IN A GRAVEYARD, became so popular, that news ads and flyers didn't even include the band name, THE RICH, after 1985.

Before moving from San Diego to Los Angeles, in September, 1978, THE RICH, had bass players like Thor Spangler, and Kevin Dennis. This allowed Richard Connor to perform on flute and acoustic guitar. Coyote still carried his bass to these rehearsals and gigs and wrote several DOUBLE BASS songs. These were the foundation and precursors of the BASS MUSIC POETRY or BASS POETRY he later invented in 2008 on his LEVEL 3 = I WANT YOU TO LOVE ME album by American Zen.

One of these DOUBLE BASS SONGS was, "Starliner," by the band Montrose. Coyote arranged a harmony bass onto this song. He has a treble boost switch on his Plush bass amplifier. This boost made up for his using the treble pickup only. It also added distortion, so now Coyote's bass sounded like a saxaphone, with balls. These double bass songs always got great cheers as Coyote's band play as loud and hard as possible for these backyard keg parties.

Rock bass on a Ricky by RickHe turned 21 while being the manager and recording engineer of Bonita Recording Studio, near the Mexican Border below San Diego, California, 1975.

THE RICH was mostly a power rock trio band, featuring RICHARD CONNOR on bass and lead vocals.

We will be releasing one of these rehearsal tape albums someday:

from 1979 performances with
Bill Stewart on drums,
Vinnie Lauria on guitar,
Richard Connor on lead vocals and bass.

Members of The Rich included: (in order of appearance)

  • Dann Linck - rhythm guitar, vocals
  • Fred Paul - drums, vocals
  • Richard Connor "Exsalbidor" "The Raunch" - bass, vocals, composer, lyricist
  • Don Bertolucci - graphic artist
  • Richard Augustine - drums
  • Scott Kohler - drums
  • Bill Stewart - drums
  • Don Carone - lead guitar
  • ___________ - blonde drummer
  • Mike Thompson "Plodene" - keys: Fender Rhodes piano, Hammond C-3 organ; trombone
  • Mitch Thompson "Rendar" - piano, vibraphone
  • Paul Attanosoff - guitar
  • Jack John Sherman "Dogtar" - guitar
  • Jason Scheff - bass
  • John Merritt - drums
  • Manny delaVega - percussion
  • Bob _______ - guitar
  • Bruce Candelaria - drums
  • Newfie guy: ______________ - telecaster guitar
  • Scott Hitchings - keyboards



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