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4 Decades of Love BOOK COVER

4 Decades of Love

A whole lotta love here.

Each lyric sheet includes the song's chord chart.

Designed for the ebook format. Sold here FULL SIZED for notebook paper printing.

Play with and play along with The Hippy Coyote.

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Kung Fu Cowboy Level 4 book cover

The AntiChrist

I think people say they like this book because they realize it may be true.

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Kung Fu Cowboy Level 4 book cover

Autumn Flavours

Coyote's first book of poetry by Richard Del Connor in the early 1970s.

Dark brooding poetry, but some cool stuff too...

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Book Cover of BKF Student Manual

Buddha Kung Fu Student Manual

Official student manual of Buddha Kung Fu

Includes all workouts and belt testing requirements of the Buddha Kung Fu schools. Essays by Buddha Z guide the Shaolin Kung Fu Beginner "way of life."

Also includes DISCOGRAPHY and HISTORY of Buddha Zhen for the first time anywhere. Where does a Buddha come from?

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Connor Black Hole Bubble Theory BOOK COVER

Connor Black Hole Bubble Theory

Written during Coyote's years at UCLA, (he graduated UCLA Film School in 1988), these theories have been locked away in storage for 25 years. Richard reveals the origins of the Big Bang and where black holes actually lead to.

Here's a glimpse at the radical earth shaking concepts of Coyote. If he's right...

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Coyote In A Graveyard SCREENPLAY COVER

Coyote In A Graveyard

This screenplay was performed as a rock opera in the 1980s. This movie title was how Richard Del Connor became "Coyote." Then, the record companies said they needed a first name and last name for Richard's royalties and photographer fees... so "Coyote" became, "The Coyote," now known as "The Hippy Coyote.

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Father Earth BOOK COVER

Father Earth

Perhaps the new name, "Father Earth," will invoke and inspire more respect for our home planet. Rachel Connor suggests we combine the titles of "Mother Nature" and "Father Earth" to promote better care for our life source.

A brief and beautiful look at ecology and Nature in pictures and words.

Rachel jokes, if you want to call it, "Petrified Turtle," she'll vote for that also.

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History of Zen Book Cover by Satan

History of Zen from A to Z

Cowritten by Satan?

Who knows? If Coyote wrote the book from his own wild creativity -- he deserves an award. If Coyote wrote History of Zen from A to Z with the help of Satan -- he deserves... something?

Decide for yourself. Written by Satan or Coyote.

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Kung Fu Cowboy Level 4 book cover

Human Values for Success in Family and Business
Book #1 of 4

Based upon the teachings of Confucius, Richard Del Connor, Buddha Zhen created a 4-year 4-book series to teach values, ethics, politics, and business stragey that works just as well for any family as any family business.

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Kung Fu Cowboy Level 4 book cover

It's A Woman's World

Women can improve the world.


It's A Woman's World is the book that can prove that women can improve the world.

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Kung Fu Cowboy Level 4 book cover

Kung Fu Cowboy - Original Draft

Original ROUGH DRAFT of the book, Kung Fu Cowboy, that detailed the Kung Fu and musical history of Richard Del Connor, The Hippy Coyote.

Lots of sketches with some poems purposely written well in Coyote's unique calligraphy style.

Collector's item for fans of American Zen.

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Masonic Kung Fu BOOK 1 COVER

Masonic Kung Fu - BOOK 1

Richard Del Connor is The Hippy Coyote, and he is also Buddha Zhen Shen-Lang, "Spirit Wolf of Truth," who has been teaching Shaolin Kung Fu, Yang Tai Chi, and Praying Mantis Boxing since 1984.

On June 9, 2009, while practicing the "Lian Bu" (Ling Po) Kung Fu Form, Coyote discovered that the hidden secrets of masonry were encoded within it.

For more information on this "Masonic Kung Fu," visit Richard's record producer website at: "PROJECT 14"

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Potatoe Valentine poetry BOOK COVER

The Potatoe Valentine
& Other Love Poems

This poetry book resulted from the unanswered questions and new revelations discovered in his previous book, Rainbow in the Shade.

Coyote wonders what happened to his first son born in 1973 after an affair with a Hell's Angel's junkie wife.

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Rainbow In The Shade BOOK COVER

Rainbow in the Shade

Coyote's first epic poem tells the story of a draft dodger and the many friends he lost in wars over the decades.

This antiwar poem of love, relationships, family, society, and a lonely cuckold written in the style of Lord Byron.

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Shaolin Kung Fu Beginner BOOK COVER

Shaolin Kung Fu Beginner

Warrior Athlete is the Chinese term for the beginner level of martial arts training. This book is the first digital version of this book published since 1993 for Shaolin Chi Mantis traditional Buddhist Gongfu and Taijiquan schools.

An excellent student manual for martial artists of all styles.

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Shaolin Kung Fu Initiate BOOK COVER

Shaolin Kung Fu Initiate

What does it take to learn Shaolin Kung Fu? Find out here. If you can't pass or learn this book's lessons -- you will not be admitted into Shaolin Chi Mantis schools or belt rank programs.

This book was designed to help students discover whether they had what it takes to "be Shaolin." Those students who cannot make these commitments of time, energy, and devotion, can still enroll in Buddha Kung Fu and Tai Chi Youth schools.

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SID'S PLACE book cover by T.H.Coyote

Sid's Place

Novel by The Hippy Coyote

See where The Coyote leads us as he bends reality into this wild adventurous fiction novel that starts in 1969 during a drug deal that goes very wrong. Coyote claims that he made this up (we told him to say that) so he won't get into trouble for portraying what life was really like before the Hippies were herded by Governor Reagan into targets for the Viet Cong.

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Kung Fu Cowboy Level 4 book cover

Spring Fevers

The rising manhood of Richard Del Connor in the mid 1970s when marriage was a sin.

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Kung Fu Cowboy Level 4 book cover

Summer Forevers

The rise to manhood of Richard Del Connor in the 1970s and early 1980s.

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Tai Chi Beginner BOOK COVER

Tai Chi Beginner -
Class Reading Manual

This CLASS READING MANUAL was designed for ipads ebooks.

This PDF version contains more graphics than the other versions available at Kindle Books of or the Nook Books of Barnes & Noble.

Enjoy the important text of the original TAI CHI BEGINNER book that has 444 photos.

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Tao of Taoism BOOK COVER by Buddha Zhen

Tao of Taoism -
Using the Dao te Ching to Improve Your Life

Buddha Zhen created this book in 1993 for his Shaolin Chi Mantis Traditional Buddhist Gongfu and Taijiquan schools. After seeing the results and benefits from his students using the book, he created this new ebook version for his current Kung Fu and Tai Chi Students and new internet audience.

Learn to be in harmony with yourself and Nature as taught by Lao Tzu.

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Caitlin O'Connor leads the way to zen.

Triple Trilogy of American Zen

3 Albums + 3 Books + 3 Podcasts

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Winter Flowers poetry book cover

Winter Flowers

These poems are a youthful look at love and the loves of his life during a time when lust was more important than romance.

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